New Corona test Bus for Luechow-Dannenbeg: Irro and adler Pharmacy Clenze are offering now a Mobile Test Center.
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New Corona test Bus for Luechow-Dannenbeg: Irro and adler Pharmacy Clenze are offering now a Mobile Test Center.

Two family businesses from Luchow, Germany, are joining forces and doing their part to help eradicate the pandemic as quickly as possible. Irro and the Clenzer Adler Pharmacy have converted one bus to become the mobile Corona Test Center. The Wendland region is well known for its creative problem-solving strategies. The aim is to create an opportunity for every Luchow-Dannenberger on site to be tested for the corona virus.
The distances are often long, whether to the nearest vaccination center or to the hospital. Adler Apotheke Clenze and Irro have collaborated to start a mobile test center that enables many people to be tested quickly and easily. Most of the bus seats have been removed, and tables and partitions were built in.

Corona Test Bus
“In this way, we can ensure that the sample is taken safely, quickly and discreetly, and the capacities can easily be adapted to requirements. The samples are taken by trained staff,” explains Matthias Loa, owner of the Adler pharmacy Clenze. The test result is determined after 15 minutes and is sent to the tested person by email with an official certificate. The test thus provides an official document that can be passed on to third parties as evidence. The mobile Corona Test Center is intended as an offer to various interested groups in the future: "In this way, we can make an offer to schools, companies or events on site to test people quickly and easily and thus make a valuable contribution to the development of the test strategy”, explains Stefan Irro, owner of the Bus Company Irro. However, various permits have to be obtained for this. The two entrepreneurs hope for a quick and un-bureaucratic solution so that the test offer can be expanded accordingly.

Until the bus can really change location, the vehicle will be available for interested people from Thursday, March 18, 2021, until further notice, on the EDEKA car park in Clenze (Lange Straße 6, 29459 Clenze). Appointments for a test can be made online at or by phone at +49 (0) 5841-977303.

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