A heart for Cameroon
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A heart for Cameroon

Cologne-born Dr. Ina Gankam Tambo is the founder of the German Trilingual Interantional School (GIS) in Yaoundé, Cameroon. At present, GIS is the only educational institution with kindergarten, pre-school and elementary school in the region of Central Africa that teaches according to the German curriculum.

The school teaches in German and English, or French, and enables about 100 children in Yaoundé to continue their schooling after elementary school. This is not a matter of course in Cameroon: only less than half of all primary school graduates in the central African country have access to a secondary school.

Jessica Irro was on site and very impressed by the school's concept. Apart from foreign languages, the children are taught according to internationally recognized teaching and learning methods that promote their self-regulated, independent and responsible learning.

Irro has supported this school project with a monetary donation of 3,000.00 Euro In the long term, it is planned to expand the school to secondary level.

Education is the key to development and to overcoming poverty. That is why the promotion of education and the support of schools are so crucial - not only for the improvement of individual life perspectives, but for the development of societies and countries as a whole.

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