Irro 50th anniversary
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The first cab

50 Jahre Irro - 1972

The history of Irro Charter started with Heinz and Brigitte Irro with an Opel Rekord C in the fall of 1972. Heinz returned from Wolfsburg to his hometown of Lüchow that year. His idea: establishing a taxi company.
At that time there were already five taxi companies in Lüchow, so it took a certain amount of perseverance and ingenuity to establish the company on the local market. A courageous step, with the entire business was also run from a rented apartment.


The first bus

50 Jahre Irro - 1980er

Since 1982, A royal blue Mercedes Benz 309 omnibus arrived in the driveway at home-office, and opened up completely new possibilities for Heinz Irro. He started driving the first groups through Lüchow-Dannenberg and the surrounding region.
Simple transfers to club meetings or to the Hanover Trade Fair soon evolved into extensive trips with overnight stays and multi-day programs.

Irro Reisen

50 Jahre Irro - 1980er

As the company grew, so did the interest of the Wend landers which led to the establishing of the tourist agency Irro Reisen in 1988.
As a tour operator, the family business offered day trips to the Baltic Sea and the Harz mountains, as well as international trips to Italy, Austria and France.
The family business Irro developed more and more into a pure tour operator.



50 Jahre Irro - 1990er

In 1991, working from home came to an end and moved to the new company headquarters were inaugurated at Roland-Brandin-Straße 2, commercial address in Lüchow.
There was now plenty of space for offices, a taxi control centre and a workshop. The increasing vehicle fleet also had enough space in this new depot.

Salzwedel & Magdeburg

50 Jahre Irro - 1990er

With German reunification in 1990, the group of travelers grew rapidly. Since then, many former GDR citizens from the neighboring districts of Salzwedel, Prignitz or Ludwigslust-Parchim regularly asked to visit popular destinations in Western Europe with Irro Reisen. But also vice versa, new destinations in Eastern Europe immediately opened up to enrich the annual Irro catalogue offerings.
In addition to the company headquarters in Lüchow, the travel agency soon opened branches in Salzwedel and later in Magdeburg.


Line bus traffic

50 Jahre Irro - 2000er

After 30 years of company history, Irro was already one of the largest and most popular employers in the region in 2002.
A further business area was created during this time with school transport. On behalf of the Lüchow-Schmarsauer Eisenbahn (LSE), the RBB and the KVG, Irro was responsible for over 3,000 students to reach schools safely and on time every school day.

Family business

50 Jahre Irro - 2000er

When they became adults, both Irro’s son & daughter returned to join their parents' business.
After an apprenticeship in tourism in Salzgitter, Jessica managed the travel agency for many years and meanwhile maintained an office in New York for the targeted acquisition of American tour operators. In 2020, Jessica left her parents' company for Berlin to devote herself to other projects.
After studying economics in Lüneburg and staying in Australia and England, Stefan also moved back to his home to take care of bus disposition.


Company headquarters

50 Jahre Irro - 2010er

Over the years, the office on Roland-Brandin-Strasse developed into a modern company headquarters. The office building was enlarged by another floor and houses now a contemporary travel agency. With the arrival of the Lüchow-Schmarsauer Eisenbahn (LSE), a second floor and elevator were soon added. The workshop was given two more working halls and a paint shop hall. With the expanding fleet, the company premises soon extended to Tarmitzer Straße.


50 Jahre Irro - 2010er

Initially under the name Coach Charter Europe, Stefan and a team of international colleagues began coach charter business throughout Europe. This is how over the years, Irro Charter has advanced with a large network of partner companies and depots throughout Europe.


On to the future

50 Jahre Irro - 2020er

At the commencement of the current new decade, Stefan Irro took over the company as the sole managing director. Irro remains family-owned with the second generation.
The year 2020 provided one of the greatest challenges in the company's history. Lockdowns and constant changing corona measures meant that coaches were no longer allowed to drive. A large part of the business was idle for months and many colleagues went on short-time work.

50 Jahre Irro - 2020er

In spite of the pandemic, the course for the future has not been forgotten. In 2021, Irro invested in a modern and sustainable washing and maintenance hall for coaches and buses. This hall is already designed for the maintenance and cleaning of electric buses. In addition, up to eight apartments for bus drivers were built on top of the washing hall. With photovoltaic solar systems on all building roofs, Irro produces all the energy it needs in the depot by itself today.
By taking over the Taxi Kirschbaum Company in 2021, Irro is expanding its catchment area and can also offer passengers in the western district taxi fares. At the start of 2022, Irro provided the first electric taxi in the Lüchow-Dannenberg district.


In 2022, the company has around 190 employees and around 140 vehicles at the Lüchow and Clenze locations.
We look back on 50 successful years of company history and look forward to the exciting next 50 years.


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