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Bus Charter Bauma Munich 2022

At Irro Charter, you can easily rent a bus with driver for the Bauma Trade Show in Munich; or let us plan your desired tour. Since 1972 our family-run company offers the highest quality in Long-Distance Coaches, Midi-Buses or Mini-Buses, as well as good service.
Our professional drivers together with drivers of quaified bus partners are at your service and ensure a safe tour.

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Bus Charter Bauma Munich 2022

Irro Charter is happy to welcome you and your group between 24 and 30 October 2022 in Munich. Our european Bus Charter Service has helped goups from all over the world with perfect organisation and professional service in Munich during the Bauma Fair. Request our Bus Service coporate as well as private services, such as famous need like Class Trips, Club Tours, Incentives and more.

We offer both standard and luxury coaches and have a wide range of different coach sizes for hire - from 8-16 seater minibuses to 32-64 seater coaches.

Regardless of the length of your trip or type of rental, our Bus Charter team will deliver the quality, reliability and first-class service you expect.

We understand that you are expecting a professional service from your bus company. This is the reason why we ensure punctual, save and cost-efficient bus rental with polite and well-trained drivers.

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Top 10 Attractions in Munich

The beautiful city of Munich is the capital of Bavaria, and with 1.5 million inhabitants, Munich is the largest city in Bavaria. Munich is an internationally known cosm opolitan centre for politics, art, culture, science, media and sports. Many major corporations are based in Munich, and the city is also home to numerous national and international authorities, universities and colleges, museums and theater.

Munich has a significant number of buildings and monuments worth seeing. Many international sporting events, trade fairs and congresses are regularly held in Munich. Munich is of course also known throughout the world for the famous annual Oktoberfest, which attracts many thousands of visitors every year. Munich was first documented in in the year 1158 and became the sole capital of Bavaria in 1506.

Irro Blog: Top 10 Attractions in Munich

"Thank you to Mr Al-Nouri for the service rendered. It was pefect. The bus and the driver."
Lee - Tripocity
Lee - Tripocity
"Sanita was extremely friendly and very helpful when booking the coach. I am an overseas customer and was very wary of using a coach provider in another country but Irro were a delightful company to use. I will be using them again."
"Impeccable sense of Customer Experience and willingness to find solutions to accommodate Customer requirements. A true Partner!"
Yoana - Pinto Lopes Viagens
Yoana - Pinto Lopes Viagens
"The best! The bus is real clean and comfortable. But most important : Ian (bus driver) is truly a professional. Very nice, funny and helpful. One of the best drivers I've had during my tours."
Elin - Kulturskolan Raketen
Elin - Kulturskolan Raketen
"I already wrote a separate email about our busdriver Susanna, who we appreciated a lot with her kindness, her help to tranlsate, and the fact that she was interested in our group and wanted to join us on the hike. [...] she was top class to have with us sindce german is a little bit hard when something extra happens"
Bill P. - Compass International Inc.
Bill P. - Compass International Inc.
"Very nice. Our driver Suzanna was excellent. Very professional, helpful, courteous, prompt, excellent driver. Everyone loved her (all 36 of us)!"

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Visit The Bauma Fair in Munich

Irro Charter would like to present the bauma international trade fair for building machinery, constructing material machines, excavating machines, structure vehicles and construction utensils. bauma fair is recognized and considered the most important trade fair for the building industry in the world. Bus Company realizes bauma is huge with around 4 thousands exhibiting businesses from more than 60 countries, and more than 600,000 visitors the shear size of the opportunities and potentials during the fair are enormous for your business and prospects. Your transport during this visit will be best taken care of by Irro Charter.

Bus Rental believes bauma fair is indeed the world's most significant innovation forum and engine of growth, this was particularly apparent in the last show. Airport Shuttle found particularly in times of technological transition, which paves the way in the process of digitization, bauma fair contributes highly to the industry conviction and protection. Chartered Bus recognizes how the increase in demand from the trade fair's seven days, firms should still look to prepare for tough times ahead and how to adapt accordingly. Bus Company found there was tremendous alertness for the new opportunities and different perspectives from the industry participants on how to move forward with change and trends for the mid and long term frames. The right partner to help you be on time for the important meetings is Bus Rental.

Tour Bus can trace bauma's origins date back to 1949 when the first Franconian architecture fair was launched by Commissioner Karl Rudolf Schulte in Wurzburg. With the surprising and huge success, he held a spring showcase for Building industry in 1954 as part of the model exhibition at Munich Theresienhöhe carnival grounds. Two years onwards, the show space had expanded, adding the trade fair branding bauma that is still used today. Coach Europe found originally just German fabricators were exhibiting at the fair in the early days. Since 1958 the first 13 exhibitors from overseas joined in bauma fair and continued growth since with great success. Irro Charter is your best option for consistent group transport to bauma.

Bus Company established recently, Digitization in the construction industry is on the rise with the numerus innovations on display proves that digital technologies integration is the highest focus at bauma fair. Tour Bus understands that the structure machinery businesses are working to discover the opportunities of digitization and how to systematize digital resolutions. Bus Rental appreciates when bauma fair demonstrates how far the industry is exploring and investing in this direction. Your travel to bauma will be prompt with Coach Europe. Airport Shuttle approves how digital machine control and telematics resolutions are evidently ascending to become the” new normal” in the construction industry’ future. The new sensors and software programs offered by many producers with a varied product segments at bauma fair provides solutions to worries such as: finding the machine correct location or measuring the amount of actual hours the machine was working, or scheduling the next maintenance service time’s frames. With Bus Company your can have prompt transport to bauma.

Irro Charter found at bauma fair it was shown that digital and electronic sensors make machines and devices smarter. The central component is a very small Smart Connector that can be attached to the machine. This sensor will register the operative time and sends it to the cloud at a principal data storage facility via the user's tablet. Also the geo-positioning of the machine can be registered and sent to the cloud storage. Bus Company found the generated data is then made available to the company multi-departments for evaluation and action in accordance. Bus Rental understands this wealth of data makes coordinating the equipment usage efficiently, optimize operation processes and minimize wastage. The software is programmed to calculate the correct and efficient scheduling of maintenance. You will always find value in transporting on time with Coach Europe.

Bus Company discovered at bauma fair there was industry discussion about perpetual subject of skilled worker shortage. More than half of surveyed attendees perceive the shortage of qualified labors as the construction industry's highest problem. Airport Shuttle found it is particularly a big concern for the developed world, but less problematic for high population countries like India or China. Irro Charter understands the discussion covered other issues of concern like: cooperation and demand, tougher ecological laws and criterions, and automating business processes. To be there when important matters are discussed you need to transport your group with Coach Europe.
Tour Bus have confidence that bauma fair in Munich is actually described by numerous global industry orientations as the prominent fair for the industry to meet, confer, and shape the future. Coach Europe enjoyed the privilege to be part of the logistics for of this vital fair and transporting its visitors here over the years. Airport Shuttle has observed how Munich hosts this huge fair from start till now. Bus Rental is the qualified coach partner that can make your journey to Munich, and visiting this spectacular fair a once in a lifetime amazing experience. We recommend once you select your dates and booked the initial program, and then we can work on this and make you an offer for your group logistics from arrival to departure.
See you soon in Munich!

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