Visit The Leipziger Buchmesse 2023 in Leipzig with Irro Charter - Your bus Company
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Visit The Leipziger Buchmesse 2023 in Leibzig with Irro Charter - Your bus Company

Leipziger Buchmesse (English: Leipzig Book Fair) is Germany's second-largest book fair after the Frankfurt Book Fair. The fair takes place for four days every year at the Leipzig Trade Fairground in the northern part of Leipzig, Saxony. Leipziger Buchmesse is the first large trade meeting of the year, and as such, it plays an important role in the market and is often a place to present new publications first.

Leipziger Buchmesse became the largest book fair in Germany in 1632 when it topped the show in Frankfurt am Main in the number of books presented. It stayed on top until 1945 when Leipzig became part of the socialist East Germany and Frankfurt in West Germany surpassed it to retake the number one spot. In the East German period, the fair remained an important meeting place for book lovers as well as sellers from both East as well as West Germany. Following the German Reunification, the fair moved from the Trade Fair House on the main market square to a new site removed from the city centre. Since the move, Leipziger Buchmesse experienced a renaissance and started to grow. Leipziger Buchmesse 2023
The next edition of Leipziger Buchmesse is scheduled in March 2023 in Leipziger Messe, Leipzig, Germany. During these four days, almost 2,000 professional visitors will be able to see all the innovations and new services in this business industry. Leipziger Buchmesse is considered to be one of the largest shows in for literature, books as well as book-related media sectors.

Leipziger Buchemesse 2023

Note: In addition to the exhibition, the Leipzig Book Fair is notable for its 'Leipzig liest' reading festival. Leipziger Buchmesse with the reading festival 'Leipzig liest' is the perfect stage for all areas of literature. Exhibition areas.
Leipziger Buchmesse 2023 consists of the following platforms:

  • autoren@leipzig / offers for authors
  • Education / school / day-care facilities for children
  • Fiction / non-fiction books
  • Book art & graphics / art colleges
  • Reference book / non-fiction / science
  • Service providers of the book sector
  • Audiobooks
  • Children's and teenager's books
  • International area
  • Arts books
  • Music
  • Travel
  • Religion
  • Newspapers/magazines

  • In parallel with the main program; another event will take place at the expo - Manga Comic-Con 2023 : a fair dedicated to Japanese comics books. A wide range of products and a side program with educational platforms, conferences, and know-how exchange possibilities, ensure successful participation of the participants. Exhibitor product profile
    Profile of exhibit based on the autograph, books, book publishing service, graphic, higher secondary book, graduation book, entertainment book, comic book, novel, magazine, newspaper, art & craft, handicraft, antique item, crystal ware, glassware, gift article, decorative accessories, decorative material and decorative supplies.

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