Visit The Keukenhof Flower Show 2022 in Lisse with Irro Charter - Your bus Company
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Visit The Keukenhof Flower Show 2022 in Holland with Irro Charter - Your bus Company

The Keukenhof Flower Show 2022

Keukenhof flower show has been running for 7 decades so far, considered the largest flower show in the world, and located near Lisse, the Netherlands. The park was established originally as herbs garden for a castle’s kitchen in 15th century, hence the name Keukenhof, which means Kitchen garden, but was later transformed as a flower park, then opened to the public in 1950. Even though it is open to public only between March-May, and with a flower parade during April, the show still has proven to be very popular and attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors every spring blooming season.

Keukenhof Show, Lisse

The park is only open between mid March and early May actually because that is the only blooming time for the star of the show the Tulips. When entering the gardens many visitors feel overwhelmed a bit and some imagine they are in the middle of a sea of amazing tulips. To keep it exciting, every season, the park settings are dedicated to one new theme, which makes the Keukenhof season distinguished from other years always. Therefore, it is a unique park that over a million people visit annually, but in 2019 season; the ticket system booked 1.4 million visitors.

There are more than 7 million tulip bulbs and different flower species on show here. The gardens along side four different marquees show wonderful assortments of: tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, orchids, roses, iris, carnations lilies and much more flower varieties. It is conserved a real heaven boasting with breathtaking colors and scents mixtures.

Airport shuttle, Bus Rental, and Tour bus by Irro Charter are proud to be the reliable transport for Keukenhof Flower Show visitors. No matter where group is staying, our Bus Company will promptly drive your transfers to the Keukenhof gardens, hotels, and of course to any airport. There is the option to hire a Long Distance Coach with driver for many days tour covering other cities in The Netherlands, or cross to any neighboring country.

Keukenhof Garden Park history

At the start of the 15th century, the Lisse area was still free and rich unspoiled nature. However, it was owned by the Countess Jacoba von Bayern. The estate used to grow veggies and herbs there for the palace kitchen, which ignited the name “Kitchen Garden”.
In 1857, landscape architects Louis Paul Zocher, and his father Jan David Zocher, planned the garden around the castle with the English School of design style. That strategy in 1857 is still the foundations that the park functions around till today.
In 1949 a group of bulb farmers and traders formed a proposal to start flower displays at the estate around the palace, in order to best show their Tulip breeds among the impressive gardens to prospective buyers.
In 1950 the Keukenhof season was so well organized and with impressive flower assortments, they experimented with opening it to the public for the first time and see the reaction. That show reached great success with more than two hundred thousand visitors.
In 2020 the show was canceled for the time in its history at the government orders as part of the emergency regulations implemented to contain the COVID-19 Pandemic. The 2022 show is on with dates set from March until May 2022.

Rose at Keukenhof Flower show, Lisse
For prompt travel, and to avoid any traffic jams for this important event, Irro Charter with its Tour bus, bus Company, and Charter bus services will be your responsible option to have when planning the group’s transfers around those busy days. With Irro Charter’s rental bus you can rest assured to attend this great show as much as you like in a safe and comfortable manner.


Keukenhof is still a serious commercial event for the floricultural industry, where exhibitors display their best assortments of tulip and other flower breeds and buyers usually whole-sellers make large orders.
Keukenhof is an independent platform for the Dutch floriculture industry that shows its products to the international market. During the show opening period, the amazing Tulips and other produce comes from around one hundred flower farmers, and there will be five hundred flower experts organizing and presenting the produce with around twenty different flower exhibitions during the opening period. That is why the show is treasured by the floriculture industry as the top annual marketing event.
Keukenhof is considered also by businesses as the melting pot where tourism industry, floriculture industry, and Transport industry join efforts to make it a great success, and accommodate and promote the business needs for all these three industries.
Irro Charter’s tour bus company is well-informed with 48 years experience in the charter bus and airport shuttle bus marketplace, which you can simply appreciate to have to ensure a great trip to Keukenhof and the Netherlands.
With our local tour bus depot ready, you can choose to book any modern bus size for your group trip needs. Bus Rental can implement your airport shuttle requirements, any city travels by chartered bus, or a full day chartered bus booking for your group’s itinerary. Irro Charter’s Team looks forward to your inquiry so we can make an offer that best suites the group trip to Keukenhof and Holland. Please find here more about Flower Show:

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